If you want people to see your blogs or know about your blog well leave a comment and your blogs will be listed here! For instructions go down above the comments for how to add your blog.

Site Name| Link (URL) | Author(s) Names

  1. Quick Berry Blog | https://quickberryblog.wordpress.com | Quick Berry, Friendly Hopper, Comical Hawk, Merulerules
  2. Poptropica Creators’ Blog | http://blog.poptropica.com/ | Vlad the Viking, Shark Boy, Dr. Hare, Director D., Comic Kid, Thirsty Whale, Binary Bard, Hazmat Hermit, Master Mime, Hades, Captain Crawfish
  3. PopSuite | http://popsuite2.wordpress.com | Mikel-Altmn, Smart Kid, Ieges, Mystery Monster, Golden Axe
  4. Poptropica News | http://poptropicanewsandmore.wordpress.com | FriendlyHopper, Dynaboa
  5. Poptropica450’s Blog | http://poptropica450.wordpress.com/ | Poptropica450, Serious Glove
  6. Poptropica Help Blog | http://poptropica.wordpress.com/ | Hijuyo, Smockers, Codien, CoderKid, Hyper Star, Tsuki~Yoha ,Green Boa
  7. Poptropica Excitement Blog | http://poptropicaexcitement.wordpress.com/ | Angry Wing, BJA, Neat Runner
  8. Alien Dipper’s Blog | http://www.loudshark.wordpress.com | Alien Dipper, Giant Penguin, Mikel Altmn, Smart Kid, Quick Berry, Silver Moon, Ahmed

Sign Up

This is what you have to do send us the following information:

  • Website Name (your website’s title, the one on the tab at the top of the page)
  • Website URL (link)
  • What you want your website to be known as (this name will appear in our Directory above)
  • Your nickname
  • Nicknames of other authors on your site, if you have any

For Example:

Quick Berry Blog
Quick Berry Blog
Quick Berry


7 Responses to “Poptropica Blogs”

  1. Quick Berry Says:

    Sure but you do know you can do it yourself! :0

  2. Quick Berry Says:

    I added your blogs DynaBoa! 🙂 😀 Hey can I join your blog the PopSuite one!

  3. Angry Wing Says:

    Poptropica Excitement Blog
    Poptropica Excitement Blog
    Angry Wing
    BJA, Neat Runner

    1. Ok I’ll put your blog there

      1. Angry Wing Says:

        Thanks, you should visit it. Your blog is awesome.

  4. Angry Wing Says:

    Do you think I should put a Blog Directory on the PEB?

  5. Angry Wing Says:

    My blog now has Bronzedude and Trusty Joker working on it.

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