Info:The Quick Berry Blog has another. You will have to have the best costume with the rarest stuff.

Prize:The prize for the 1st winneris a rare costume with a costum name of your choice!

More Info:The contest ends on Feb.1 We will annouce the winners on Feb.3

(You can only enter 1 entry per Poptropican)


28 Responses to “Valentine Contest”

    1. One entry per person. which one would you like to use?

  1. Wow I like it good work keep it up you know who i am from the check sometime we can meet on poptropica my name is Friendly Walker thanks.

  2. username is 1999was19. i just said that because i was not sure how to put the link on here. Anyway goodluck to everyone!

  3. Friendly hopper Says:

    My entery: If it isn’t working type coolcrab! put it in the advatar studio and bam. *Whacks my head*.

  4. kiki012000 Says:

    who won the valentine contest? i would like to know please

    1. Quick Berry Says:

      Grey Warden won the contest.

  5. kiki012000 Says:

    did anyone win the valentines contest? i would like to know please

    1. oh shoot i forgot about it thanks for the reminder :mrgreen:

      1. kiki012000 Says:

        your welcome i guess

    1. kiki012000 Says:

      i thought the winners would be announced on the 2nd? todays the 4th.

      1. Quick Berry Says:

        No they were annouced on the 3rd

      2. kiki012000 Says:

        so who are the winners?

  6. Giant Hawk Says:

    How do you guys Get this stuff? I know about some, but the talking mouth and moon face and etc.? You must have won alot of other contests!

  7. kiki012000 Says:

    i thought that there was going to be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners? did you change the rules?

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