Are you ready for the Quiz Show?

Info:This is how it works you have 5 days to enter. So that means on Feb.10 is the last day to enter. Once you enter I will give you a date and time to come to my chat and start the Quiz Show if you don’t come you are  disqualified. SO COME! You will be getting point I will tell you how much point you earned for the question you answered. The people with least points get disqualified until we have 2 last finalist. The 2 finalist will compete until the contest ends!

More Info:The quiz will last 1 month or more, each week there will be 10 questions the final round will have more questions.

About:The Quiz Show is about Poptropica and the Quick Berry Blog. The questions may also be about the PHB but that will be rarely.

Prize:The winner gets a Mac laptop! So good luck!  

Credits:I got the pictures from the PHB so therefor the credits for the pictures goes to them.

Brought to you by The Quick Berry Blog™  and by Mr.Lombardi for buying the Mac laptop.


15 Responses to “Quiz Show”

  1. Quick Berry Says:

    If you have anymore questions email us at

  2. […] have 2 last finalist. The 2 finalist will compete until the contest ends! Oh and to enter go here if I decide to have the Quiz Show somewhere else I’ll inform […]

  3. Quick Berry Says:

    I will signed you up okay and can you make a header about or with Poptropica pictures

  4. dynaboa Says:

    How do I answer the questions though, what are they, and when? Sorry 2 bother u LOL

    1. Quick Berry Says:

      I will give you the date and time to go to my chat and I will ask the questions and you didnt bother me.

  5. Abram Says:

    I would like to enter

  6. Quick Berry Says:

    You will win the iPad you can see it here! 🙂 🙂 It’s really cool I have one! 🙂 I have one even though it’s not available to order my dad payed a huge amount of money just to get me one and the winner one! :0

    1. starangel Says:

      Cause i dont know how O.O

    2. Quick Berry Says:

      Sure I’ll sign you in the QUIZ SHOW! 🙂

  7. Comical Hawk Says:

    I want to enter also

    1. Quick Berry Says:

      I’ll sign you up too! 🙂

      1. Comical Hawk Says:

        what do you do

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