Here there will be all the questions and answers for all the past rounds of the Quiz Show. There will also be a the amount of points each contestant have.

Round 1 Questions
1.What was the name of my first post?
2.What was the date of my first post?
3.Who was the 1st staff member who came to my blog?
4.What is the name of my blog?
5.Give me the link of my blog and site.
6.What is the name of my site right now?
7.What was the name of my site at first?
8.When did I decide the Christmas contest would end at first?
9.When did the Christmas contest really end?
10.When did I announced the winners for the Christmas contest?

Round 1 Answers
1. New Adventures
3.Friendly Hopper
4.Quick Berry Blog
5. and
6.Quick Berry Site
7.The Awsome Adventure Of Quick Berry

Round 2 Questions
1.How many hits does my blog have right now?
2.Give me the link of my blog’s twitter.
3.When was Poptropica released?
4.When is RTV Island coming out?
5.Poptropica was developed by who?
6.How many islands are there?
7.Give me the link of Poptropica.
8.Give me the names of all the creators.
9.What is the name of my second post?
10.What is the date of my second post?

Round 2 Answers
1.936 hits
3.September 2007
4.March 24, 2010.
5.Family Education Network/Pearson
8.Hades, Master Mime, Shark Boy, Comic Kid, Director D, Dr.Hare, Vlad The Viking, Hazmat Hermit, Binary Bard, Thirsty Whale
9.New Store Outfits!

Round 3 Questions
1.What is my blog’s email?
2.How many staff members are there?
3.What was the first island?
4.What was the second island?
5.Give me the link of  my blog’s MySpace.
6.Give me the link of my blog’s Facebook.
7.What was the name of the mini-quest island?
8.How many spam are blocked on my blog?
9.How many hits does my site have right now?
10.How many hits does the PHB have right now?

Round 3 Answers
3.Early Poptropica
4.Shark Tooth
7.Haunted House

Round 4 Questions
1.How old do you have to be to play Poptropica?
2.How many games are there in Poptropica?
3.Name them all.
4.Whats the oldest age you can play Poptropica?
5.How many pages does my blog have on the nav. tab?
6.When did I started my blog?
7.How many post do I have?
8.How many comments do I have?
9.What year did Poptropica starting selling products?
10.Name them.

Round 4 Answers
3.Switch, Sudoku, Hoops, Sky-Dive, Paint War, Star Link, Balloons, Soupwords, Pathwise
6.September 4, 2009
10.Skinit, Zazzle, Larger Than Life Prints

Last Round Questions
1.How much is membership for a year?
2.How many tabs does my toolbar have on the nav. tab?
3.What are the platforms?
4.How many tweets does my blog have on twitter?
5.How many headers has my blog use?
6.Write 5 sentences about how good this blog is and another 5 sentences about how much you like it and another 5 sentences about how this blog helped you.
7.How many spam comments does the PHB have?
8.How may graphics are in my site’s GRPHIX page?
9.Summarize what my blog is about and how good it is and what you think about it and whatever else you want to write about my blog.
10.Make a video sort of like a commercial for this blog.

Last Round Answers
1.About $25 or $26
3.PC and Mac
6. [short essay]
9. [summary essay]

Contestants’s Point
DynaBoa~3400 points
Wild Thunder~3500 points


18 Responses to “Quiz Show Results”

  1. […] Shark Boy Well now we can dress up as magicians! And look we can have either flowers or bunnies on top of our hats! Oh and they have special actions too awesome! Oh and remember you can see how many points the Quiz Show contestants have here: […]

  2. I’ve been using Poptropica for the past few months and it is very awesome.

    1. Quick Berry Says:

      Oh thats really good.

  3. […] Personally, I like the Rock Star 1 outfit better. I bought both though . And remember you can read all the Quiz Show results for each round here: […]

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    1. Quick Berry Says:

      Happy you liked it! Hope you come back to visit us! 🙂

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