Glitch/Cheat Codes
The cheat codes can be accessed by simply pressing specific keys on your keyboard.

 Code | Effect

Ctrl + Shift + R | Randomize your Poptropica character (may or may not acquire a handheld item, such as a basketball or cell phone)
Ctrl + Shift + P | Character wears a pumpkin mask

Ctrl + Shift + S | Change your character’s skin color.

Ctrl + Shift + H | Change your character’s hair color. (At first it may just show some computer history, but click on the Poptropica screen once and press “H” only and it’ll change hair color.)

Ctrl + Shift + F4 | A bunch of random words appear in the top left corner of the gamescreen. (Do it again to remove it.) See the “Item SWF Links” section below to see how this is useful.
Ctrl+ Shift + F5 | You can fly! (Do it again to remove it.)
Ctrl + Shift + F6 | Randomize your Poptropica character (may or may not acquire a handheld item, such as a basketball or cell phone)
Ctrl +Shift + 0 | Character wears a shark costume. (may not work on some computers)

Ctrl + Shift + 1 | Your character does the laughing emote. (This can be done outside of multiplayer rooms, too.)

Ctrl + Shift + 2 | Your character does the crying emote. (This can be done outside of multiplayer rooms, too.)

Ctrl + Shift + 3 | Your character does the angry emote, with your face getting red and then bouncing up. (This can be done outside of multiplayer rooms, too.)

Ctrl + Shift + 4 | Your character does the jumping emote. (This can be done outside of multiplayer rooms, too.)

F12 | A white bar will appear at the bottom of the gamescreen, and you will be able to type on it. If you can’t get the white bar on, try clicking on the Poptropica screen and pressing the F12 button again. Pressing “Enter” removes any text you have typed, pressing “Backspace” will delete a letter one at a time, and pressing “F12″ again will remove the white bar. This can be useful for making videos where you need to communicate with the viewers at the same time. (Credit to Blooberry95, whose YouTube channel can be found here.)


Item SWF Links
From the Ctrl + Shift + F4 cheat, you may find some links to Poptropica SWF files, mostly for item cards. ”SWF” stands for either Shockwave Flash or Small Web Format. However, these webpages only show the lower-right corner of the item card. But if you’d like to see a little more of the item card, Nice Turtle discovered a neat trick for that. Open up the Item Card’s SWF, and click on the ”restore down” button on the very top-right corner of your Internet window. It should look like one small line, and is near the red X button where you click to close the Internet window.

If you’re interested, check it out by typing this into your browser: This leads to a picture of part of the ‘’shark fin” item card. If you click on the ‘Put On’ button, it turns into ‘Take Off’ – just as it would in a regular Poptropican’s inventory! There are a lot of them, but here are some you could try. Just type in the same link as the one shown above, but replace the number ”13” with the appropriate ones as listed below.

Number | Item SWF Shown
1 | Bucket of water
2 | Golden egg
3 | Signal flag
4 | Glow stick
5 | Jet Pack
6 | Prized Porker
7 | Sudoku (Game Card)
8 | Switch (Game Card)
9 | Hoops (Game Card)
10 | Carbonated Milk
11 | Grass Skirt
12 | Old Bone
13 | Shark Fin
14 | Calming Potion
15 | Key Ingredient
16 | Translation Key

Did you know? Trying numbers in the 1000’s (1001, 1002, etc) will show the island medallions. Also, numbers in the 2000’s (2009, 2007, etc) will show advertisement item SWFs!


Phone Codes

The cell phone can be found at Mountains of the Moon, at Nabooti Island.

UPDATE: Most of the phone codes to get items are not working right now.

If your phone does not work or is not letting you get any of these items, try this:

Press [Tools] on your internet browser, then press [Delete Browsing History…].
Now [Delete] Temporary Internet Files and Cookies.
If this does not work there might be a glitch on Poptropica’s end.

Here is a list of codes that you can enter on your phone to receive items:

NOTE: If you use one of these codes it can get rid of the costume you are wearing. Also, these will not appear in your inventory, but only as clothing on your character.

Code  |  Item Name

1225.   Santa Hat and Sack
911.      Police Outfit
411.      Brain Helmet
1337.  Nerdy Outfit (Comic Kid/Ned Noodlehead)

Walk With No Clicks

1. Jump 2. Right Click 3. Click Settings…. 4. Click Close 5. If you did it correct you should be able to walk without clicking


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