Today there is 3 new post at the Poptropica Creator’s Blog in the same post what luck! Well here they are:

I must be having a knightmare

Speaking of knights and maidens, here is a maiden you don’t want to mess with. This is the one and only Dark Knight suit for girls. Challenge this furious female to a duel and you might end up looking like shredded paper.

You might want to take a look in the store later this week and see for yourself.

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Oh my stars, it’s a NEW ASTRO – KNIGHT!

I guess meeting an Astro Knight isn’t enough anymore. Now you can be one. The Poptropica Creators are about to release the Earth Knight in the store. This knight has a leafy trail that follows behind and a helmet that can be open or closed while dueling death-defying deeds.

Hmmmm…this kind of helmet might come in handy for rescuing maidens. Note to self: Keep helmet open for pretty maidens that want a kiss. Keep it shut for the maidens that don’t brush their teeth.

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Poptropica is back online after completing some scheduled maintenance!

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Oh and like I said I added the LIGHTS page click where it says LIGHTS to go there. Oh and there is also two new post at my site ( )the first one is boring but you should read it the second is funny but read the IMPORTANT thing I wrote for your own good and for my site’s own good.
See Yah! ~ Jason The Bug