The Quick Berry Blog is having a new contest! YAY!

Info: The contest is about whoever makes the best header for this blog. Make it colorful. And really good. It doesn’t have to be about Poptropica if you want it can be.

Prize: The prize is a 3rd generation iPod Touch! With all the apps and whatever you buy is free for a year. And it comes with all accessories!

More Info: This contest will end in at the end of the month and we will announce the winners on April 1, 2010. The last day to enter is Friday 19.

Safety Info: The way you get your iPod Touch is by giving us your address but don’t worry its 100% safe we have done this before. In fact we don’t use your address to give you your iPod Touch then we would be in a lot of trouble with the government. To contact us email us at this email address Thank You!

Brought to you by The Quick Berry Blog™  and by Mr.Lombardi for buying the iPod Touch 3G.