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Get Real!

The new Reality TV island is now available early with Poptropica membership! If you don’t have membership, Reality TV will still be out and FREE for everyone on March 24th!

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Well now you can RTV Island free with membership but if you don’t have the membership RTV Island will be out on March 24th! It’s really good for me because I have the membership! 🙂 I really recommend the membership because it’s really cheap and it can come in handy! Well See Yah! Gotta go see Hippie Man YEAH!  Wouldn’t it be really cool if Hippie Man became one of the creators of Poptropica. Well See Yah (this time for real) Quick Berry Out! 🙂 Oh wait tomorrow there will be the next round of the Quiz Show at 5:00. 😆 🙂 OK! NOW I’M REALLY LEAVING FOR REAL! See Yah Quick Berry Out! Finally no more distractions! Oh wait that was one. 😦 Aarrgg! NO MORE DISTRACTION! Bye For Real See Yah! Quick Berry Out! 🙂